What’s new? Our work here in the gglassworks Department.

What is it we do here at Lookingglass? The simplest way I can say what I think it is? ‘We Make New.’ I think that’s what we do. It’s a succinct summary of our core values: Collaboration, Invention, Transformation.

Ensemble Member & Creative Producer – New Engagements Kareem Bandealy

About gglassworks

Lookingglass has produced 70 world premiere plays to date, the majority of which were created by Ensemble Members and Artistic Associates through its year-round new play development program, gglassworks. Created by the Ensemble, shepherded by many makers through many years, gglassworks is currently guided by Ensemble Member and Creative Producer – New Engagements Kareem Bandealy and ushers new productions through a multi-phase process.

The Process

These paid residencies provide five artists per year with dedicated workspace and time to write, devise, research, and discuss emergent ideas in society with company artists. Throughout, artists meet weekly with Bandealy. At the culmination of the residency, playwrights have the opportunity to experience a workshare with their resident cohort.

Ensemble Members and Artistic Associates explore a project of their choosing during an intensive three week period. The time can be used to write, workshop, stage or hear aloud works in various phases of development and the entire company has the opportunity to observe, join readings, share reactions, or provide feedback.

Lookingglass artists propose projects incubated through previous stages of the gglassworks program. With input from the Artistic Director, Executive Director, and staff, the Ensemble considers proposed projects and selects a slate of new works for full production.

Once selected for production, commissioned plays receive customized development support. Playwrights remain an integral part of the process as the work is refined and production elements are added. Playwrights often direct or co-direct their own premiere works in collaboration with a company of designers, performers, technicians and other collaborators.

As necessary, outside the opportunities described above, projects may receive additional readings at critical stages of development, or dedicated workshops for unique production components. At any time, there are up to 20 plays in various stages of development through gglassWorks.

Though, 80% of the plays produced at Lookingglass have been original works created by Company Members, Lookingglass also develops and/or stages new works by writers who excite the Ensemble artistically, such as Ike Holter, Aleshea Harris, Amanda Dehnert, Lucas Hnath, Rajiv Joseph, Jessica Thebus, and Alexander Zeldin.

gglassworks Artists In Residence

Current Works In Process

Prince Hal By J. Nicole Brooks

Tin Man By Raymond Fox And Louise Lamson

White Rooster By Matthew C. Yee

China House By Matthew C. Yee

Untitled Vampire Play By Kevin Douglas

Flipped By Kevin Douglas 

Sandman By Sully Ratke

A Boy And His Drone By Anthony Irons 

Voy By J. Salomé Martinez 

Le Papillon By Heidi Stillman 

Wild Boy By Kareem Bandealy 

Flight To Canada By Kareem Bandealy 

Robber Bride By Kasey Foster 

Debussy And A Turkey Sandwich By Kasey Foster

Jew Play By David Kersnar, Joey Slotnick, And Lauren Katz 

gglassworks On Stage