Young Ensemble

Young Ensemble

About Young Ensemble

In an effort to better nurture and support talented and focused young artists from throughout the Chicago community, Lookingglass formed its Young Ensemble program in the spring of 2006. The Lookingglass Young Ensemble is an audition-based program designed to develop new work in a process that mirrors the artistic process of the Lookingglass Ensemble, including skill building, material generation, rehearsal, and performance. The Young Ensemble program is for students in grades 3-12.

During the fall quarter, the Young Ensemble meets from 5 – 8pm on Monday evenings as members work collaboratively on skill building. During the winter and spring quarters, the group works as two smaller ensembles; each cast creates a fully-produced performance Lookingglass’ Chase Studio Theatre. Weekend rehearsals are assigned as needed during the winter and spring quarters.

The Young Ensemble program is highly subsidized by Lookingglass and its supporters; each Young Ensemble family is responsible for a $100 program fee (scholarship applications are available), as well as participating in marketing and selling tickets for the Young Ensemble shows each spring.

Young Ensemble Video

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Young Ensemble Auditions

2016-2017 Young Ensemble Audition Dates:
September 20-21, 2016

To schedule an audition, please contact the Lookingglass Education Department at 773.477.9257 x193 starting August 22nd, 2016. Drop-in auditions are prohibited.

Please contact the Lookingglass Education Department at 773.477.9257 x193 for more information!

Word to the Wise: Auditions for Young Ensemble are highly competitive; Only 4 – 6 students are accepted each year. Whether or not your student is accepted into Young Ensemble, we do suggest that they come check out our classes and camps so they can get a feel for the aesthetic of our program.