Ward 40: “Next Door to Kopi (My Favorite Place)”

Filmmaker: Artistic Associate Sully Ratke

There are dogs and dragons and turtles and bees and the sea…and all can be found in a whirl of stop-motion whimsy at this long-standing Andersonville storefront.

About the Artists


“My family first moved to Chinatown, Chicago in the 1960s. My father lived there with my family for the first ten years of his life. The story is based on what he could remember from his short time living in Chinatown. I have always loved spending time in Chinatown, and I wanted to create something that honored that neighborhood and my father’s experience.

Matthew C. Yee

Ward 40

Chicago’s 40th Ward includes Andersonville, Lincoln Square, Edgewater, Arcadia Terrace, and Bowmanville.

Organizations in Ward 40 to Explore and Support

  • ArtShow Chicago, dedicated to uniting Chicago communities with local artwork while bringing light to social causes.

Restaurants to Check Out in Ward 40

Other Sites to Visit in Ward 40

  • Chinatown Square Plaza, a two-story outdoor mall, at the heart of which lie the Pan-Asian Cultural Center and 12 beautiful bronze zodiac figures.

Film Credits

Created By: Sully Ratke
Directed By: Sully Ratke
Featuring: Miloš Todorović
Animation By: Sully Ratke
Produced By: Nikolaj Sorensen
COVID Safety Officer: Nikolaj Sorensen
Edited By: Kareem Bandealy and Sully Ratke
Sound Design and Mixing By: Kareem Bandealy
Original Composition By: Sully Ratke
Location Sound By: Josh McCammon
Opening Animation By: Matthew C. Yee
Closing Credits: Matthew C. Yee
Special Thanks: Miloš Todorović, The UPS Store staff,and Julio, the dog.

Originally produced by Lookingglass Theatre Company in Chicago, IL in April 2022

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