Our Donors


We gratefully acknowledge those listed below who have donated $500 or more to Lookingglass during the past year to sustain and further our mission during these challenging times. 


A. Marek Fine Jewelry
Able Services
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
Alliant Insurance Services
Bank Leumi
Benevity Fund
Bluhm Family Charitable Foundation
BMO Harris Bank
Clarence and Anne Dillon Dunwalke Trust
Comed, An Exelon Company
Conagra Brands
Dr. Scholl Foundation
Edgerton Foundation
Efroymson Family Fund
Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
GCM Grosvenor
Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust
Illinois Arts Council Agency
John R. Halligan Charitable Fund
Joseph and Bessie Feinberg Foundation
JP Morgan Chase & Co
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Latham & Watkins LLP
Lloyd A. Fry Foundation
Mesirow Financial
National Endowment For The Arts
Northern Trust
Poetry Foundation
Polk Bros. Foundation
Prince Charitable Trusts
Pritzker Foundation
Ralph and Evelyn Davis Family Foundation
Steiner Kerman Education Foundation
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
The Bill Bass Foundation
The Chicago Community Trust
The Irving Harris Foundation
The Milne Family Foundation
The Morris and Helen Messing Family
Charitable Fund
The Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation
The Shubert Foundation
The STS Foundation
US Cellular
Wege Foundation
William Blair & Co.


Anonymous (18)
Aaron and Whitney Fershee
Abbe and Adam Aron
Abbie Helene Roth
Al DeVaney
Alan Gordon Rottman
Allegra Biery
Amanda Worthington
Andrew H. Chun Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ann and Joseph Messer
Ann Lurie
Anne and Don Edwards
Anne Van Wart and Michael Keable
Barb Strauss
Barbara and Daniel O’Keefe
Barbara Bradford and Robert Sherman
Barry and Julie Karp
Barton Bund and Family
Ben and Frances Collins Sussman
Benetta Jenson
Bill Savage
Billy and Katherine Dec
Bob Danziger and Mary Gellens
Brenda Robinson
Brian Collins
Bruce Norris
Chanel Coney
Charles L. Katzenmeyer
Charlie Branda
Charlie Frankel and Stephanie Frankel
Charlotte Whitaker
Cheri Lawrence
Cheryl Lynn Bruce and Kerry James Marshall
Chris Binder
Christian McGrath
Cindy and Jim Lamson
Claire Bienen
Courtney Eber
Dan and Jo Lisowski
Daniel and Jennifer O’Shaughnessy
Daniel and Joan Batlle
Darren and Anne Snyder
David and Kerry Catlin
David and Valeria Pruett
David D. Hiller
Deann and Rick Bayless
Debbie and Jack Kelleher
Debbie Crimmins and Paul Goerss
Deborah Good
Diana and Bruce Rauner
Diane and Chris Whatton
Diane and Justin Ullman
Diane and Sol Hara
Dolores Kohl Kaplan
Donald and Sylvia White
Donna Schatt
Donnie and Lacy Storino
Douglas and Katherine Frey
Douglas R. Brown
Dr. Marc and Lori Ann Gerdisch
Dr. Paul M. Lisnek
Dr. Sheffield and Susan Hyde
Drs. Annette and John Martini
Drs. Elena and Perry Kamel
Edgar Bachrach
Eileen and Jeff Richards
Elaine and Larry Hodgson
Elisa Harris and Ivo Daalder
Elise Paschen and Stuart Brainerd
Elizabeth Elting Foundation
Francoise and John Falkenholm
Frank Franzese
Fred and Nikki Stein
Gary Metzner and Scott Johnson
Geoffrey Smith and Catherine Stewart
George and Kathleen Rummel
Gregory Cameron
Heidi Stillman and Rick Sims
Henry and Carys Osborn
Hobson Lucas Family Foundation
Marcia Tarre
Sara Gmitter
Irena and Preston Simons
J. Andrew and Susan Langan
James A. Raff
Jan Dubin
Jane A. Shapiro
Jane Quinn and Jeffrey McCarthy
Janet Burch and Joel Guillory
Janet Carl Smith & Mel Smith
Jared Kaplan and Maridee Quanbeck
Jay and Kelly Tunney
Jeff and Karen Ketchen
Jeffrey and Michelle Steigelman
Jennifer and Ari Perkins
Jennifer Costanzo and Jeffrey Roberts
Jennifer Kotler
Jeremy and Joan Mattson
Jerry Freedman and Elizabeth Sacks
Jessica and Chris Wollmuth
Jill and Jonathan Meier
Jill T. and Douglas A. Hirsh
Jim and Barb Lapetina
Jim and Beth Biery
Jim and Sandy Freeburg
Jim and Sue Pajakowski
Jo Ann Stevenson
Joan and Paul Rubschlager
Joanna Sevim
Joanne C. Ruxin
Jody and Sanford Perl
Joe and Margaret Tilson
Joe and Shannon Brady
John & Deborah Chipman
John and Terry Delany
John F. Byrd
John McGowan and Dave Robbins
John Sabl
Jon and Allie Harris
Jon and Emily Eller
Jon and Jane Stillman
Jon Klein and Susan Cohn
Jordan and Jean Nerenberg Family Foundation
Joseph and Linda Gmitter
Joy Gregory
Joyce and Timothy Greening
Joyce Chelberg
Justin and Sarah Mahlik
Justin S. and Hilarie V. Huscher
Karen Zelden and Ralph Senst
Kari and Andy Pennington
Kathi Brown
Kathleen and Wayne Kubick
Kathleen and William Streff
Kathleen M. Gruber
Kay Collier
Ken Kurson
Kevin and Jackie Luthringshausen
Kevin and Kathy Fanning
Kevin and Michelle Mize
Kevin Langreck
Kevin Tobin and Stephanie Lenz
Kimbra and Mark Walter
Kirk Smid
Knuth Family Fund
Kurt and Rebecca Feaster
Lance Christian Balk and Margaret Suzanne Detterman
Lane Vanderslice and Elaine Mohamed
Lang and Marilyn Smith
Lanny and Terry Passaro
Lawrence J. White
Lee and Sandy Golub
Leigh and Henry Bienen
Leslie and Robert Zentner
Linda & Jeffrey Hammes
Linda Karn
Lindsay Knight and Nick Seguin
Lisa and Geoffrey Dybas
Lisa Naparstek Green and Howard Green
Liz Stiffel
Lizzy and Josh Scheinfeld
Lynn Donaldson and Cameron Avery
Marc and Beth McCormack
Margaret and Michael Unetich
Marian and Fruman Jacobson
Marilyn McCoy
Mark and Nancy Ratner
Mark and Yeo Hae Fennell
Marla Mendelson and Stephen Wolff
Mary Ann Roeser
Mary Beth Williams
Mary Jane and Tom Dee
Mary Jo and Doug Basler
Mary Jo Barrett and Dennis J. O’Keefe
Matt and Turiya Luzadder
Matthew Steinmetz
Melinda Knight
Melinda McMullen and Duncan Kime
Melissa and Philip Franklin
Michael and Dana Weed
Michael and Diana Sands
Michael Belsley and Nina Owen
Michael Harrington and Anne Pramaggiore
Michelle Hayward
Monique and Tom Demery
Mr. and Mrs. Christian B. Jessen
Abby O’Neil and Carroll Joynes
Nancy and Michael Timmers
Nyro Murphy
Pamela G. Meyer
Patricia, Kevin and Mirabel Chin
Patrick C. Rule
Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Foundation
Patty and Jerry Hanner
Paul and Dedrea Gray
Paula and David Harris
Penelope and Robert Steiner
Pete Marino
Peter and Paula Fasseas
Rachel E. Kraft
Rachel Fink
Rahm Emanuel and Amy Rule
Raquel and Andrew Segal
Rebecca Deaton
Reginald A. Holmes
Renata Block
Richard A. Ditton
Richard and Beverly Moody
Richard and Mary L. Gray
Richard and Peggy Burnham
Richard Chapman
Richard Smart
Ritu and Gautam Dhingra
Rob and Kathleen Katz
Roche Schulfer and Mary Beth Fisher
Rocque and Anne Lipford
Rosemary J. Schnell
Ross Shelleman and Tricia Rooney
Russell Light
Ryan and Casey Harris
Scott and Adriane Turow
Scott and Nicole Farley
Scott Brainerd and Lynnea Bauer
Sharon and Lee Oberlander
Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly
Sondra B. Epstein
Spark Cremin and Paul Dykstra
Stephanie Morimoto and Matt King
Stephen & Deborah Quazzo
Stephen and Miriam Ritchie
Steve and Lorrayne Weiss
Steve Madrey
Steven B. Edelstein, MD
Sue E. Stealey
Susan Mabrey Gaud
Suzette and Allan Bulley
Sylvia Grady
Taylor and Jane Malishenko
Ted and Ruth Johnson Family Foundation
Terese Golden
The Beaubien Family
The Big Dog Fund
The Comiskey Family
Thomas Hall
Thomas Smith
Tom and Margie Hurwich
Tom and Meg Claggett
Tom O’Neill and Ann David
Ulrich-Christensen Family
Wesley Skogan and Barbara Puechler
William and Jun Wiersema
William Fotis
Yohannan Lee
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