Board Member Since 2008

President & Managing Partner

The Women’s Group of Northwestern

Dr. Elena Kamel is an Associate Professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University. She is the founder and President of The Women’s Group of Northwestern, one of Chicago’s first all-female Obstetric and Gynecologic practices.

Bio as of 2017

I have always had a love for the arts with a particular interest in classical music and opera. My exposure to Lookingglass has opened up so many doors and has sparked my appreciation for theater in Chicago. My involvement with Lookingglass has also been a wonderful opportunity for my family and colleagues in medicine to glean an exposure to the marvelous talent housed at Lookingglass. I love telling my patients, friends, and fellow physicians about my experiences at Lookingglass and sharing my admiration for all the work Lookingglass does in the greater Chicago Community.

My husband, Perry Lindsey Kamel who is a Gastroenterologist at Northwestern and three children share my enthusiasm for the theater and arts. Over the past several years, Lookingglass has played an active role in their lives. I look forward to combining my professional life empowering women with knowledge about their health care and playing an active role in their health care choices and enlightening them about the amazing artistic opportunities in Chicago and at Lookingglass.