The Lookingglass Lunch Show with Stephen Colbert

Friday, June 16 | 11:30 AM

167 Green St. | Fulton Market

The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert, friend of Lookingglass Theatre and fan of the Chicago theatre scene, will host the 35 year celebration through conversations with Lookingglass artists Atra Asdou (Iraq, but Funny), J. Nicole Brooks (Mellon Playwright-in-Residence Awardee, Her Honor Jane Byrne), Anthony Fleming III (Power Book IV: Force), Louise Lamson (Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci, Metamorphoses), Matthew C. Yee (Lucy and Charlie’s Honeymoon), and David Schwimmer (Friends, American Crime Story: The People Vs OJ Simpson)! Welcoming guests to this one-of-a-kind celebration is beloved local TV personality, WGN Around Town’s Ana Belaval.

“Lookingglass Theatre Company’s home is in the same building that supplies water to much of the City. Because great art – and more specifically, great theater — should be like a public utility or a natural resource: it should be available to everyone, for everyone to take part in, engage with, and celebrate,” host Stephen Colbert explained. “Like the City’s Pumping Station that is its home, Lookingglass pumps out all this great work onstage in the heart of Chicago that everyone should go and see; and they send artists and teachers to communities all over the City to inspire them to create magic in their schools and neighborhoods. So, the Company really is this public resource. And, like any civic asset, it needs investment and support to keep it functioning, delivering the goods, and keeping our body politic healthy…and well-hydrated.”

“Chicago theater consistently cranks out the most original, gutsy, groundbreaking, hilarious, subversive, eclectic, brazen and relevant work in the country,” said David Schwimmer, one of Lookingglass Theatre’s founding members. “And Lookingglass proves to be as bold as ever as it lands its current, delightful and provocative hit show, Lucy and Charlie’s Honeymoon.”

Only a limited number of tickets for the luncheon are left, starting at $350, and this event is expected to sell out. Sponsorship opportunities are still available and include an exclusive, pre-luncheon reception.

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