Consortiums provide donors with an opportunity to make a direct contribution to an initiative of particular resonance.


Lookingglass productions, and the artists who create them, are developed through a unique initiative called gglassworks. This initiative provides resources required to explore the material through various specific forms of performative expression, as dictated by the needs of the story. 


Using the Lookingglass core values of collaboration, transformation, and invention, Lookingglass provides underserved students with unique engaging arts education opportunities that increase confidence and academic motivation through in- and after-school artist residencies, the Student Matinee Workshop Program, and professional development workshops for classroom teachers.


Your gift supports an artistically excellent project that contributes to the rich civic life of Chicago. Contributions to Production Consortiums provide financial resources and support to the specifically selected production.

Production Consortium Supporters

2016-17 Producer’s Circle

Life Sucks
Leigh and Henry Bienen, Lead Producer’s Circle members
Lee and Sandy Golub

Beyond Caring
Melinda McMullen and Duncan Kime, Lead Producer’s Circle members


2015-16 Producer’s Circle

Treasure Island
Leigh & Henry Bienen, Lead Producer’s Circle members
Paul and De Gray

Blood Wedding
John McGowan and Dave Robbins

Thaddeus and Slocum
Paul & De Gray, Lead Producer’s Circle members

Melinda McMullen & Duncan Kime
Abbie Roth & Sandra Gladstone Roth

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